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Beach Wishing


New Game Plan

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM was not really ready for such a busy morning but it was too late to back out. The cereal was in the bowl and vanilla soy milk had been applied so he had to chew on along in spite of the bed calling him back.

After breakfast we made a short stop at the bulkhead near the Aquarium. Shortly an 18 inch speckled trout hit the wrong thing and was unceremoniously flopped on the pavement. After measuring and unhooking the fish, it was tossed back to grow up. A few more casts and it was time to move on.

As Sierra was rolling along  its fancy system alerted that it was time for a lubrication change. So we pulled into Walmart and was second in line for the DEED. The nice lady that checked Sierra in told the OFM it would be about 45 minutes. She missed it by 3 minutes. The OFM decided it was time enough to make some laps of the store. He got in a few laps  and stopped to check on Sierra just in time to see the fellows letting Sierra back down to earth.
Soon the credit card was put to work and Sierra was rolled away.

BUT the OFM remembered we needed some things from the grocery department. Sierra went around the the RV parking area and parked to wait on the OFM Grocery Shopping Team to do their job. And we did a great job of it. The credit card got another work out and away we went to the Castle. It was 0923 is all.

The major change (news) is that the OFM canceled his reservations for Rockport for the winter. We will be rolling to be in Decatur Alabama on August 1 and no idea of when we will leave or where we will go if we leave. The OFM wants to get back to a less restrictive adventuring mode. We have never done any winter time in SW Arizona and many other places. All the Teams agree with him that it is a better way for us to try to have tooooo much fun.

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