Clover Blossom


Update Two

Adventure Location: Del Rio, TX
Adventure Date: 02/26/2018

Good grief the night was so quiet that the OFM could hear the moonlight coming into the campground. It is getting crowded here, there is three of the 34 site occupied tonight.

The Teams took off in a meander to let the OFM get some walking exercise. This is a rather pleasant area for walking. The only picture he took was of this wild cloud in the blue sky.

Nothing much was happening all day. We went to town to see about getting the Verizon hotspot reactivated and found out Verizon does not market here in Del Rio. What a bummer!

Tomorrow we will be back in town to check on what Sprint offers. We used to have Sprint out here long ago and it worked well. We are missing the Internet for trip planning and weather. The serious part is bills will need to be paid in a couple of days. We have not had luck with the Internet at Walmart or Home Depot this time.

Here is the sunset that closed out the day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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