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Murph Park Adventure

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 02/05/2018

Murph Park is a very small public park at the backside of the local airport. Parking is available for about a dozen vehicles in normal parking spots. About a dozen more vehicles can be accommodated along side the loop road in the park. A couple of shaded picnic tables are around the area. However it is the access to Copano Bay for fishing, kayaking and other water related activities that makes it popular.

The OFM had not had the Teams there in several weeks and it was nasty weather that time. On this day the bright sun invited us to come on out. So we did. The little patch of grass welcomed us to the “beach” area. The beach area is a shell bank so barefoot walking is not pleasant.

The fisher folks usually wade straight out to the small dropoff about a hundred yards from the beach. Sometimes the fishing is pretty good here.

A look to the right shows more of the shoreline that is available. Look closely and you can see some other bank fisher folks trying their luck. On this particular day the tide is way out more than normal.

A look to the left shows more shore line but this is restricted to no people intruding on the bank past that point sticking out about fifty feet away. It is part of the airport and is the approach to the runway. The planes are very low when they cross this spot.

So what is special about that point of land? Well maybe this picture up in the grassy area of the park will be of help.

It seems that some folks have had alligator encounters in this area. That point of land is where the small creek comes into the bay from the airport. That small creek is supposedly where the alligator lives. We have never see it or even signs of it in the area in ten years of coming here. Even when we kayaked in the area we never saw any indications of an alligator on the bank and they do leave strong evidence when they go in and out of the water.

So when you are feeling your oats, it is possible to go into the creek and thrash about looking for alligator wrestling as a way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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