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Up Again

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 02/05/2018

The OFM got some new fishing line put on his reel so naturally he had to go try it out. The weather was overcast, nearly cold, a bit wet with a bit of breeze. Yep you are correct it was not fun weather so we planned on it being a short try out.

BUT, there seems to always be a but in our life. A strange sight awaited us when we got to the harbor to park. So the OFM put on his fishing shirt and windbreaker, grabbed the camera and bravely faced the elements to wander on down the harbor one lane road to check out the odd sight.

If you recall we recently documented the sinking of a rotted old boat in the harbor. It was still on the bottom when we last noticed it a couple of days ago. Well it is not on the bottom now. It is floating with the help of three pumps moving water out of the interior of the boat.

After the cold walk back to Sierra, the fishing rod and new line came out to play. The new line is a braid by Suffix in yellow. It seems to work better than the old Windtamer we have been using for a few years. It is definitely slicker and harder for the old OFM fingers to hold while tying a knot. It will be given a serious testing as soon as it warms up a bit around here. 
The OFM much prefers warmer weather for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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