Morning Walk



Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 02/12/2018

Today was less dreary but a good bit colder. The day warmed up slightly but the Teams did go out for a bit of a drive around. However when the OFM stepped out of Sierra near the water, he shivered and jumped right back into a warm Sierra.

A bit of good news is some new grandkid pictures became available. Here is grandson Gavin and granddaughter Piper having a giggle fest. It certainly looks like they were having fun.

During the time inside today the OFM finally gave up on his art effort and declared the paper officially totally wasted.  Anyway here is the evidence that is left from the art fun of the last two days.

The area is supposed to start warming up tomorrow but the westerly direction is a bit chilly yet so we will be waiting a nice interval yet before rolling. In the meantime the OFM will continue to meander the town looking for a place for having too much fun.

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