Morning Walk


Sunshine Finally

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 02/15/2018

The day woke up with sun, wind and decent temperatures. The OFM went berserk meandering around. Thank goodness he remembered to carry the camera and take pictures. We have more pictures and stories than we will get told tonight.

The meandering took the Teams down to the water at Light House Lakes Park on highway 361. Sierra chose a good place to park and the OFM grabbed his gear and started another meander, not the first one of the day for sure. The temperature gage on Sierra said it was 77 and very bright sunshine. The water in the Shrimp Boat Channel was beautiful. The OFM wandered along the water for a long time. 

Our Starting Location

We started at the last shelter/table to the east. It proved to be a good location today. The Teams were afraid the camera card would fill up at the rate the OFM was clicking the shutter. He was having fun with sun on his shoulders.

Looking right you could see quite a ways toward the Gulf of Mexico. There is water access on the right side in that view for a really long ways. Folks do a lot of shore fishing in this area.

When you turn right at the first cross channel, this beach takes you to a good fishing area that will be covered in a later blog.

All that junk you are seeing is part of the original timber road to Port Aransas. Also paralleling the road is a right of way with several old pipelines in it. On this day we also discovered some new to us other road timbers on around the corner. It was a nice adventure.

This sting ray carcass was lying out in the open. The ray was over 2 feet wide. That sucker could have driven its spike clear into your leg bone. So when you are wading in the water to catch fish, you need to keep in mind there are critters in here that can do you serious harm. The sting rays are one of them. The free roaming sharks are another one of them. 

 So if  you are careful this is a great location for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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