Morning Walk


Redfish Territory

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 02/24/2018

Redfish are great fighters and wonderful tasting also. So tonight we show you a couple of types of places redfish like to hang out and wait for fisherfolk.

Redfish in the bays are typically three years old or less. Here in Texas they have what is called a slot limit. Redfish from 20“ to 28“ are legal to keep. 3 per day are allowed. Redfish get a lot bigger after they move into the Gulf of Mexico but we are talking of eating size fish tonight.

Kayaks are a great vehicle for chasing redfish in shallow water and redfish love shallow water. We will be showing you a small area that normally holds loads of redfish. This is a kayaker coming out of the area of interest.

It is a fairly well protected area from the winds and has tidal flushing to keep the fish well fed. A nice wide shallow channel feeds the area from off a major channel from the Gulf. That bridge is part of highway 361 between Aransas Pass City and Port Aransas.

Of to the sides of the channel are many shallow “drains” from the marsh. Those drains are the place to encounter redfish. Here is one of the shallow areas right under the bridge and it has yielded a few redfish over the years.

The next drain actually goes up into a very shallow sandy area that can be accessed by wading. It has yielded a few redfish and flounder over the years.

With this you can see that serious redfish catching can be a good bit of work but the way they taste is worth the work for sure. And catching strong fish in shallow water can be a very exciting way of trying to have tooooo much fun. 

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