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First Update

We now have a new Sprint account for wifi and will be updating OFM Adventures.

Adventure Location: Del Rio, TX
Adventure Date: 02/25/2018

We rolled today, with the help of my friend Don Cole, dodging the tree limbs at our site. Once Don got us on the road we made good time for the 310 mile trip. The rain we had while heading north was not nice but we kept on getting down the road.  Then when we turned west near San Antonio the rain went away and the rest of the rolling was magnificent.  It was bright sun, no clouds and a clear blue sky all the way to the campground at Lake Amistad.

It was a grand omen that we were doing the right thing when the first rest stop after two hours of rolling had these beautiful roses to greet us.

Another two hours down the road we captured this picture of Sierra and Comfort Castle basking in the wonderful sunshine near Sabinal Texas.

The warm sun was a nice change from Rockport weather. Before we finished the trip the dash temperature gage said it was 83 outside. It was very nice.

The OFM had been worried that the campground would be full like last years flood of campers had filled it every day for two months. When we rounded the last corner of the road into the campground, we were surprised with the honor of getting to choose our site from the entire 34 empty sites in the campground. Even tonight there is only 3 sites occupied.

We grabbed our normal site and got ourselves all set up and the rent paid for two nights while the OFM does a bit of planning. When we set the Castle and Sierra in the right angles, we have a nearly desolate look to our site. The “back yard” is about thirty acres of raw desert and the OFM loves it.

From here we should be able to get in some good efforts at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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