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Weird Boat (UPDATED)

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
Adventure Date: May 27, 2018
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It was a very crowded day today as lots of folks came into the campground to visit other campers. In other words it was PACKED. Lots of kids were having a great time. But the best of all is we did not hear even one cross word in all the activity.

There was a funny boat parked along the road. It apparently was a jet drive. I will let the readers figure out what it was used for. No one on the Teams could even hazard a guess.

After the OFM went out for supper, a large black and green roiling cloud formed near and moved toward the campground. It was ugly for certain. When we returned it was only a few minutes before the news was being passed around about the rainstorm headed for us in about thirty minutes. During that thirty minutes six million, seven thousand and thirty four folks bailed out of the campground. Ten minutes later the rains hit here and the OFMTeams went into hibernation inside the Castle.

The bad side is that the fireworks show did not happen. Maybe tomorrow they will get to set it off. Then the big weekend will be over. One thing for sure the folks here this weekend knew how to have a really pleasant party while trying to have tooooo much fun.

The OFM Teams has a member on the beach at Gulf Shores Alabama. Mr. A Ward has sent us this current picture of the weather there. It is just starting to become something to catch your eye on the horizon. We will update as news arrives.

Gulf Shores Alabama Beach Front

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