Fun Golf Again

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
Adventure Date: May 10, 2018
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 The last of the pile of pictures coming your way tonight. Things are going to be a bit busy until next Monday so we do not know when we will get a chance to publish again. However you can be sure we are stockpiling pictures again.

Along the trail by the golf course was this one simple shaft of light coming down out of the high trees to illuminate a pair of blossoms. They would likely go unnoticed except the OFM Teams were on the meander and noticed them in the dim forest light.

We thought they were pretty.

Another trail in the area, there are a lot of them, had a tree with blisters on the leaves. None of the other trees nearby had these blisters on them. If anyone knows what they are please let the rest of us in on the knowledge.

Here is something that had the OFM  puzzled for a couple of days. We see these backyard playhouses frequently around this area. Seemed odd to the OFM until he remembered we are in a major highway for tornados.

Today is the first day the OFM got to play a full nine holes of golf since we have been back. Something was always getting in the way until this afternoon. He walked the front 9 holes and made it all the way with minor pain. It was also a hot day so that was even more surprising. He managed to score a 47 for the nine holes. It was disappointing how much he had forgotten of the “how to” part of golf in the six months since our last chance to play. But he still enjoyed it for trying to have toooo much fun.

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