Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Making The Boys Look Silly

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
Adventure Date: May 22, 2018
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The days have not been really exciting but still very much worth living. This evening the OFM was wanting a gentle walk after supper, so the camera was grabbed and away we went to see the sights. (?)

Over at the soccer field it is training time for the new recruits. This group is apparently just getting started on the techniques of soccer.

Then over to the left is some young players being supervised in their practice by what looks like some 12-13 year olds. They seemed to be in great spirits. A cute event was when a smaller girl was chasing a soccer ball with two larger boys right behind her from the other team planning of getting the ball from her.  She made a deft move and while at a full run made a backwards heel kick that sent the ball right between one of the pursuers legs. She immediately did a quick pivot and gathered the ball and kicked it back to her team mate by the goal. Those two boys sure looked sheepish after that.
Here is the group where that event happened.

The OFM walked on around the soccer field to the sounds of all the laughter and meandered on down to a small creek. While standing there he realized that all that cloud cover was the beginning of the weather event headed our way by way of Florida. We are supposed to have a long session of rain type weather for over a week. The Teams are really hoping that the river stays out of the campground.

If that weather event actually comes this way, we bet the hot air balloon launch will be canceled. We were hoping to get some close up pictures of that event.  We will still have golf, biking and trail walking for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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