Fantastic Find

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
Adventure Date: May 02, 2018
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We had an extremely lucky event this morning. The morning excursion to Academy was not working out well. As we turned the corner in the shoe department a box caught the OFM’s eye.

As you know the OFM has miseries finding comfortable shoes for his weird feet. We had unpacked the shelves where the proper shoe was supposed to be located and not gotten even close to the right shoe. Frustration was running high since we were soon to start using our new backup pair.

Lo and behold what is that stuck way over here out of place by the tennis shoes. It is the right shoe for the OFM. Can’t be. Let’s check it out really carefully. WOW everything matches perfectly. OK put them on. WOW perfect again. So the OFM took careful possession of that pair of shoes.

The checkout folks took our money and we hugged the shoes all the way back to Sierra. The shoes even made it back to the Castle with us. The OFM was so excited to have a spare pair again he would dance a jig if he could.

At his advanced age these might be the last pair of shoes he ever needs to purchase. One thing for sure is that we will work really hard at wearing them out by trying to have tooooo much fun with comfortable feet.

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