The Joy of Small Spaces

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
Adventure Date: May 13, 2018
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A well known and well cussed fact of RVs is that the smallest part that will wear out first is the one that the rest of the RV is built around. So this morning was the day of disassembly of the Castle was done. One of the jalousie windows in the kitchen had the operator go bad.Today was finally the replacement day. The best news is there was no red fluid spilled.

The operator is placed inside the window frame behind the levers and bars that operate the window. The functional room to work is just right for fingers the size of toothpicks with the strength of Godzilla.

After careful consideration of using the sledge hammer to open up the access, the OFM calmed down and we went to work on the window. Upon most of the window being disassembled we found that the two visible screws were reachable. The surprise was the screw above the operating rod hidden in a very small access port only visible by small flashlight illumination would have to be taken out by feel since the available area would not allow a thin shaft screw driver as well as a flashlight.

The screw was “calmly” removed and placed on the counter. Of course all the work had to be done while leaning over the kitchen sink and dodging the faucet spout and the overhead cabinet.  

The new operator was placed into the proper spot. Now the trick was to hold in midair 8 loose pieces of window while your other five hands hold the operator in place and put the screws back into the mounting holes that you can’t reach with your short fat fingers. After threatening the window pieces with the sledge hammer again they decided to cooperate and went back together with minimal “special instructions” from the OFM.

WOW that was a chore. We carefully turned the operator knob and EVERYTHING WORKED. Talk about astounded!!!!
Here is the only picture taken.

Soon we need to change the water heater anode rod. That is also another great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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