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Adventure Location: Oliver Lee State Park, New Mexico
Adventure Date: April , 2018
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The OFM was doing a wonderful job of meandering around one of the displays in the park when he happened to look up to see this view of the canyon in the park. WOW he thought. The Teams need to tour that canyon again.

As he continued to meander the Frenchys cabin area another sharp rock put a dent in his foot. Yep the eight year (at least) daily wear shoes need to be replaced. Several months he made an excellent purchase of another pair on the Internet. It is time to upgrade.

Back at the Castle he set the two pair side by side and labeled them to make sure our readers could tell which is the old pair. The Teams think it is obvious but he is not so smart in his old age now.

The old shoe lace pattern for each shoe was used on the new shoes. Those patterns for lacing were developed over a few painful months years ago to fit the goofy shape of the OFM’s weird (to match the rest of him) feet. After the re lacing was finished and tried on for fit, he was ready for more walking.
So we took off to give them a good breaking in. Since they are Merrell brand, they really do not need “breaking in” but the shoe lacing does require some proper tensioning.

Naturally the OFM could not pass up the opportunity to photograph some pretty cactus flowers.

Soon we will see what the OFM knees can handle on the canyon trail.  Last April the OFM legs failed miserably to be able to handle the big trail that goes all the way to the top of the mountain. This year those knees will be tested on the trail going into the canyon. 

This beautiful sunset is the finishing touch to this day of getting ready for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. That canyon trail isn't long, but there are some tricky spots as it doubles back and follows the wash back towards the group-shelter and Frenchy's cabin that might require some minor scrambling.

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  3. I really like the new boots, and it would be hard to beat Merrells. I barely broke in my new pair a couple of years ago when my health started to fail. Maybe this summer I will use them. That looks like a wonderful canyon to visit, although I hyperventilate just thinking about actually doing it.

    I could never use "pretty" and "cactus" in the same sentence! They have attacked me too many times, and my language gets about as colorful as the flowers.

  4. Sometimes the view from the bottom of the mountain is just as good.
    Happy trails
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. Nice to get those new shies on and you will be hiking again like new, keep enjoying.