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Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
Adventure Date: April 25, 2018
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So far no flooding has happened but the water line is right to the top level of the creek in the campground. We have a little more rain forecast for the next 24 hours but it is not heavy rain.

The OFM took it a bit easier today since he was sore and achy. However he still did a lot of walking and some golf ball hitting. He definitely needed the practice in hitting the golf balls straight. Next we will practice hitting them straight but towards the proper target.

The OFM worked hard getting a few pictures for tonight. It is flowers because everything is about to explode with flowers for spring. Little buds are all over the vegetation in the area. It should be spectacular and we are ready to report on it.

In the meantime the roses in the front of the campground office have been doing a great job of getting the visitors to OOO and AWWW at them. Here is an example of one of the magnificant clusters.

Later the OFM set off on a walk toward the golf course since it is smooth paving over to there and his knee will have more healing time before the next uneven trail we tackle. Of course the path leads right along rows of trees and shrubs that are prepping for the bloom extravaganza. When we got to the golf course entrance, there were some bushes with really nice blossoms on them. So the OFM stomped around in the wet dirt getting lots of pictures for the blog tonight. Here is one of the beautiful clusters of blooms.

And just the other side of the entrance was a pair of trees that we think are dogwood trees. If we are wrong please correct us. In fact identification of any of the flowers would be appreciated.

The two trees had white flowers on them that were past their prime. But the center of the blossoms was interesting to check out. The flowers were about 2-3 inches across and the small center was about 3/8“ in size. 

Then we grabbed a macro of the center and worked it over a bit for this picture.

After all this excitement we headed back for the Castle. The walk was nice and gentle. The fragrances the vegetation is inundating us with is really nice. Enjoying natural sweet fragrances is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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