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Tiresome Travels

Adventure Location: New Mexico
Adventure Date: April , 2018
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What a couple of days it has been! The first trouble is the computer will not let us send email. Then Tuesday morning the teams finally got rolling but had to stop at three stores before we got away from Alamogordo. 54 was the highway for our northern route to Valley of Fires BLM campground just west of Carrizozo. We had stayed there in the past and it was very nice. In fact it was full when we pulled in. 

OK chose another choice and away we went east on 380 through some nice mountains. The roads were very bouncy and some steep places. But we made it out the other side to Bottomless Lakes State Park that is another very nice campground.

 As we circled the campground, the host came out to let us know they were packed full. OK we chose to move on down to Brantley Lake State Park. By now it was getting late in the day. When we got to Brantley, which, USED to be a nice park, it was nearly full. We had our choice of the two least desirable spots.

The OFM chose one and backed in. The vegetation was black or missing. In previous years it had been a nice area. The OFM was beat and ate supper and went to bed.
The next morning he checked the weather and it was predicted to be 40-50 mph winds for two days with gusts to 95 in our area. The OFM chose no thank you to that forecast and we rolled.

After heading south for a few minutes, the OFM chose to head on back down into Texas where the weather predictions were much better. So tonight the Teams are having wind gusts in the 20-30 mph range while camped back at San Pedro Campground at Del Rio, Tx.

We plan to rest a bit then start our migration to north Alabama where we plan on having tooooo much fun playing golf and tickling grand kids.

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