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Screaming Calf Muscles

Adventure Location: Pecos River, Texas
Adventure Date: April 12, 2018
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We get to start the Pecos Adventure Part 2 of this blog entry series. Our event is a trip down the boat ramp and back to the top. The OFM had two nights of screaming calf muscles from this walk. Here is the view from the bottom of the ramp right at the waters edge looking upstream at the “High Bridge” as it is frequently called.

Folks can put in here and paddle up stream for many miles. Power boats can run around very carefully also. This is also a river with a launch point many miles upstream where folks put in and paddle down to this point over the course of several days of wild adventures.

The view above is from the bottom looking up about a third of the way to the top of the ramp. The road curves to the left and out of sight. It is a muscle cramping trek for a flatlander like the OFM.

Sometimes along the way the flowers are blooming and more frequently not. But today there was this little beauty of a flower.

Very close by was this reminder that things fall down with significant force when you are around cliffs. Apparently this boulder took aim at the gate post and launched itself from the cliff behind the photographer. Or maybe the rock was wanting to go swimming.

Also near is whats left of stairs that went down to the Federal Boat Landing when there was enough water to float a patrol boat. They are VERY steep and the OFM did not even consider going down them again.

We meandered our way back to the top of the ramp and Sierra with many “stops to take pictures of the caves”. But we all know that it was really just an excuse to stop, breathe and rest from all the excess effort to get that big fat body back up the hill. The good part is there is plenty of pictures of caves and other stuff to report about in Part 3.

We did find a nice cactus blossom in some shade back at the top. It even had a bug and some ants helping pollinate the flower.

This proved to be a rather muscles involved type of adventure for trying to have tooooo much fun. Where’s the ibuprofen?

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