No Wet Feet Allowed

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
Adventure Date: April 29, 2018
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The flooding has started back down into the lake. We had a lot of happy folks out here today. The other news is that the OFM Teams will be moving into their long term campsite tomorrow. It is in a very optimum spot in the campground. It also is about three times the area as the current site. We should be here until sometime after Labor Day.

Now let us finish up the pictures from the last couple of days. These small white flowers to be are next to the road around the soccer fields. They are very small buds that make 3/4 inch white flowers. The bushes were covered with thousands of the buds waiting to explode.

In the years past the Teams have had lots of fun spotting and photographing fungi of all sorts. It looks like a crop of new fungi are about to burst forth. These are all about a 1/4“ across. From the looks of the coloration they will be quite showy when they grow up.

Laying on one of the trails was this ruptured flower pod.

It was beautiful. Other more mangled pods were here and there along the path. We hope to get a better picture of one tomorrow after the moving of the Castle.

The long walk was stopped by this flooded section of the pathway. The water was only about 3 inches deep but the OFM shoes are not that tall so he chickened out of wading and having a mile or so to walk back to the Castle in dirty wet socks and shoes. He is a major wimp you know.

A new week starts and the Teams are excited to get busy trying to have tooooo much fun.

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