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Herd of Fools

Adventure Location: Pecos River, Texas
Adventure Date: April 12, 2018
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We get to start the Pecos Adventure Part 3 of this blog entry series. On the trek back up the boat ramp the OFM began to notice a lot of interesting geology, mainly caves. The first on the trek back up we named Bushes Cave. The way the bushes grew it was not really noticeable on the way down. But on the way up a short trail at an angle went into the bushes and brought the trail into view.

The OFM worked diligently to get a picture of the inside of the cave, but was smart enough  to stay out of the cave proper. Yea for telephoto zoom lenses.

After that episode we stayed away from the rest of the many caves we saw along that cliff. But about half way up the OFM noticed a worn trail going up the cliff. Why is there a trail going up there? Here is the picture with the rough route of the trail shown in red.

Once again shrubbery had hidden the object of interest. Check out these braces helping hold those pebbles from bouncing down to the road.

Those pebbles could do some serious damage to people and cars if the came down at the right time.

When we got back to the top, the OFM went back to the view point of the mouth of the Pecos River and took a picture of the rock cliff across from the viewpoint to show our readers what we mean by caves all over the place. Here is the picture with the obvious caves labeled.

While he was labeling the caves, the OFM noticed a strange object in one of the caves (Deer Cave). When he enlarged the picture the surprise was waiting for him.

It looks like two  deer were in there watching the Teams meander on the cliff like a herd of fools. We wonder if watching fools taking pictures on a cliff is a way deer try to have tooooo much fun.


  1. The deer in the cave was a good find!

    1. The one in front looks like it was laughing at us.

  2. Lots of small cave along your route and finding one with deer in it was a bonus.

  3. They were staying cool like you should have been. Great find.

  4. Looks like a ram sheep to me. IMHO

  5. What and interesting find, you be the cave man now having too much fun.

  6. Great find. Looks more like mountain sheep to me.

  7. Yep I tripled the enlargement and it is definitely not a deer with horns like that. Thanks for catching the error.