Heavy Foliage


Ugly Surprise

Adventure Location: I-65, Alabama
Adventure Date: April 20, 2018
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We ended up with a 43F start this morning but a nice gentle ride through the countryside. About 1300 we pulled in to the campground and went in to pay and get the campsite assignment. At 1600 it is a very nice cool day.

Then the surprise hit us. The surprise is that the campground is having a $93 a month increase on the standard rate starting May 1. All the other rates are sky rocketing also. This means our 5-6 month stay must be re-evaluated. $549 a month is a bit steep for the OFM Teams. That is still cheaper than an apartment. However Point Mallard Campground is still running 100% full so the price must be ok with a lot of folks.

The OFM needs to work on some trying to have tooooo much fun to override the surprise.

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