Roosevelt State Park Walk

Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

The temperatures have let the OFM be over busy outdoors. He awakened this morning sore muscled all over his body. We tried to  get him to ease back a little today. Nope he is sitting over there worn to nothing.

In the mean time let us go back in time to Roosevelt State Park and a walk the Teams took in the evening. The walk went through the trees along the shores of the lake inside the park. The evening sun gave us lots of special scenes and we brought a few with us for tonight.

The evening sky was lit up with lots of bright colors and as the evening progressed it seemed a new scene happened every two minutes. It was a very entertaining walk. This first picture shows the evening sky when we first started the walk.

As we meandered the shore we came to this paddle boat launch pier. From this vantage point we took several pictures.

Then we went back onto the trail through the trees taking lots of pictures. Many did not catch the light just right, so they went away. This next one is another view of the sunset but as a reflection on the water. The OFM was excited that this one worked out well.

When the sunlight finally faded out, the sky glow from the stars and moon gave us just enough light to record this basically night reflection of the trees on the lake.

That is a nice picture we think. By now it was time to head into the Castle, shower and hit the bed for an early start on the last leg of the trip to Gavinland.

We have been here two days now and are taking pictures on the trails, practicing golf, walking the trails and generally trying to have tooooo much fun.

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