Brand New Dime

Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

The OFM slept until almost 0900 this morning. That was over ten hours of straight through sleep. Good grief he must have been exhausted from all the activity yesterday. We made a trip to a store or two and got back to the Castle by 1130. Then it was take it easy time for a good while. He was a bit sore he said. After lunch was the usual nice nap. The rest of the afternoon was spent being lazy and thinking about where to go if we leave here this fall.

A late evening walk resulted in a brand new dime being found laying in a parking lot near the ice skating rink. That was a nice surprise. The evening walk was about a mile and a quarter. Yep the OFM is definitely getting a lot more exercise here than back at Rockport.

Some left over pictures are of the many fungi in the area. We have no idea which day they were taken or where along the trails they were found. This first one is a rather large on that looked about 12 inches wide growing from the base of a living tree. It was back off the trail and would have required wading through calf high unknown leafy things that may have had ticks, spiders and other creepy crawlers. The OFM stayed on the trail and used the zoom feature of the Team camera.

This next one is a white lacy model very much like some we had in the blog from pilings in the harbor at Rockport.

It was a surprise to see the near duplicate from the salt water up here in the fresh water. Either way they are pretty and delicate in appearance.

The last one was also back in the “will not go in there” brush, so the telephoto zoom was again wonderful to use. The orange was a very glowing orange that seemed to light up the area near it,

And now it is nearly shower time for the OFM and then another good nights sleep. Trying to have tooooo much fun is hard work.

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