Freak Accident

Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

The OFM had some very enjoyable years many years ago as a golf club fitter for 12 years. He had lots of very satisfied customers among the Houston area golfers with disabilities of different sorts.This is to let you know he does know a lot about golf clubs. There are better fitters now days with $200,000 of equipment to get things done just right.

The OFM is in the process of putting together a set of golf clubs that fit his fat old weak body. This afternoon the last shipment came in with a Driver that is an older model of a Callaway driver. He buys most of his clubs from Callaway Preowned because they are good clubs and Callaway will tweak them to be just how he wants them to be. It took a few days longer to ship here with the length, swingweight and grip changes, but it did get here.

The OFM was really excited since there was time to go across the street to the driving range to see how the clubs performed. Of course the OFM always performs perfectly (right?). We grabbed a small bucket of range balls and headed to the driving range out in hot sun. The OFM chose his spot and limbered up a good bit. Then he swung each of the clubs a few times to get the feel and see if they had the right feel. They did. OH BOY he thought, this might be pretty decent for old clubs and an OFM.

Now that he was warmed up and reasonably limber he grabbed the driver. A driver is just about the most difficult golf club to hit well. He was expecting to scatter a few balls all over the place until he got his rhythm back, ball position and foot position worked out and any other details.

He carefully set the tee into the ground at his best guess of a starting height for a drive. He carefully placed his feet to put the ball contact point at his guess as to the right location. All the usual stuff was checked and he did not feel right. OK back off and start over. He did.

Now it seems right after a couple of minor adjustments. He steadied himself, took aim at the flag pole with the red flag way down there in the driving range at the 200 yard mark. As he was hoping the ball would at least stay on the driving range so he would know what adjustments to make, the crack of the ball and club fled through the trees.

The range ball took off climbing swiftly into the sky IN A PERFECTLY STRAIGHT LINE. Now that was a big surprise. He watched as the ball screamed on down range and began to peak out on the climb. As the ball started its decent it still was covering lots of ground. The forward motion started to slow and the rate of descent picked up. 

The OFM finally got through posing from the hit and settled in to see which way the bounce would go. The ball neared the ground and it was unbelievable, IT HIT THE FLAGSTICK THE OFM HAD AIMED AT! And there was nobody else in the area to see it happen!

None of the Team members have ever seen the OFM dance around like that before. We hope he didn’t pull something again. We managed to keep our laughing at him to a mild roar but he totally ignored our comments. It must have really been a great moment of having tooooo much fun.

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