Return of the OFM

Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

Still a little weak but the OFM is functioning just in time to be healthy enough to get a tooth cavity filled about noon Friday. He has been pretty lazy but has done some walking and camera clicking. So tonight we have an incredibly random set of pictures.

In the meantime the Teams are really glad that the OFM finally got us out of Rockport. Being there and waiting for flooding from the latest wind/rain event headed that way is not a fun thing to do. The OFM has had way too much coastal experience with that type of mess. Being in north Alabama is much better.

Of a bit of interest to the Teams is that we have entered the time of the year when the temperatures slowly fall for the next six weeks or so. Mostly we are finished with 90 degree days and the OFM is liking the cooler weather. We are ready to attempt to play golf again.

We certainly want to be out there having fun like this fellow.

During his short walks the OFM found a few flowers to photograph. We have them well identified. This one is named “Yellow Flower”.

Yellow Flower

We thought it was a pretty flower.
Naturally there had to be some rotting wood with fungi on it. This particular growth was fairly nice looking to us.

And as usual, we ran across something we have no idea the name for. Then we get to choose our own special identifier. We now present to you the “No Idea Flower”.

No Idea Flower

There are hopes of another Gavin/Piper visit this weekend then we will have a two week break while others take a turn visiting. The OFM Teams may have to consider a bit of running around during that time for the purpose of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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