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Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

Gavin started kindergarten last Monday.

As you might expect when a mob of kids gather many viruses get exchanged. Thus when the OFM Grandpa was supposed to go to Gavinland today for his birthday cornbread lunch, it had to be canceled due to family illness. The good side was that Gavin and his dad put together a video of Gavin singing Happy Birthday for my enjoyment. The teams could not figure out how to put it in the blog.

It has been a week since the knee injury that sent the OFM into a knee brace for an over extended tendon. The brace was finally removed Friday evening. Then today the OFM made a longer walk in the park of 1.65 miles at a slow speed. Later in the afternoon he took a nice bike ride of about three miles at a slow speed. Tomorrow we will find out if that exercise was too much. We are hoping that keeping the speed down will allow the stretching to happen and assist in the healing.

During the slow walk the Team passed some trees with very large leaves. Here is an OFM hand holding one of those leaves for a picture. They are huge.

Now we have to see what kind of mischief the OFM will get into tomorrow while trying to have tooooo much fun.

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