Nice Bike Ride

Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

The OFM decided that the bike needed to get ridden today in a test to make sure we want to tweak the bike to fit the Teams needs. So he put his safety gear on, grabbed a bottle of water and away we went. It was feeling really good to be rolling along the road. Good grief bike riding is good stuff. After a bit he headed the Teams out to the long trail that heads to town.

We were soon making nice time down river. The bike was rolling well and behaving like it already knew what to do. When we came to the large snake laying on the path, the bike just slowed a bit and cruised on by. The snake approved and just layed there in the sun. It was about five feet long and two inches in diameter at the largest part. It glowed a pretty blueish color. When the bike hit the end of the path we made the normal circle and headed back. The snake was gone as we headed back along the crepe myrtle lined portion of the pathway.

When we hit the optional turn to the left to follow the gravel path through the woods and along the lake, the bike once again just naturally headed for the lakeside trail. By now we had been gently riding for about an hour. The trail has a few ups and downs and loose gravel but the bike just rolled like it was no big deal. When we hit the one sharp turn on the loose gravel, the bike flowed through it like it was on rails. The OFM thought “WOW this is a Beautiful Bike.” And that is how our newest member of the Teams got its name of Beautiful Bike.
Beautiful Bike

About a half hour later the OFM noticed his knees getting tired and called an end to the ride. It was a very pleasant ride in a nice area. So far today the OFM legs have been a little sore but not really bad from an hour and a half of peddling at a gentle pace. Yep riding a good bike GENTLY is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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