O F D s


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: March 3, 2024

It was a dreary day all day but the weather was not bad, only dreary. Some things got taken care of inside and grocery shopping to top off the food supply. That was about all the excitement we could kick up. Two short walks did happen but the OFM legs were not feeling like long walks so each one was about a slow mile. Here is a picture of the beautiful day during lunch time.

Later in the day the leg/knees yuck eased off and we went out on a different path and got this “great picture” of a winter reflection.

WOW that is exciting isn't it. At least nothing bad happened and no ambulances made a run out to the campground today. That is it for the report. Try to have tooooo much fun to make up for us OFDs (old fuddy duddys).


  1. I like your nature picts as the header photo better than a winter campground picture...it's looks so gray. On the other hand it is March and it should be greening up soon!
    Have a great week!