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Beach Wishing


Super Nice Lady

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Her name is Pat and has been a blog reader for a good while. She happened to be in the same RV park the Teams moved into in April. Little did we know how nice a lady we were about to meet in person.
Pat and her husband are setting up a nice place to live here in town. They are from upper east Texas. She is an artist and will be making art here when they get all situated. Here is Pat showing the OFM one of her nice bits of recent art work.

Her Koi painting is very nice.

We are hoping she will rub a little art ability off on the Teams so we can have better paintings to show on this blog. We know she has the knowledge but she might have to beat it into the OFM’s empty head. He seems to only think about trying to have tooooo much fun you know.

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