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Sunset, Lake Amistad, Texas


Sunset Came Too Soon

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: March, 2018
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It has been a busy day and the OFM is running late on getting the Castle ready for the trip to the trailer shop in the morning. So all there is time for is a view of the sunset from the campground. 

It was definitely a good day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Lucky, Really Lucky

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: March, 2018
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We got lucky, really lucky. When we went to dump for the first time out here in the desert, the Castle was positioned at the dump point, the sewer hose was attached and stretched a little bit to the dump hole.  The vinyl suddenly split in a couple of places with small tears. That hose has been in the Texas UV sun since who knows when. The splits were on top of the hose and very little waste leaked out. Of course it was black water first.

After the minor clean up and refilling the fresh water tank, the Castle was taken back to the camping spot. Then yesterday we tried to install new slip on end connectors on the new spare hose. The OFM fingers were just not able to get the job done. It was time for a more modern style of sewer hose.

 Off to Walmart we went. While in the RV section, we met a nice fellow who had had the same finger trouble a couple of years ago. He went to the Rhino brand of hose with the connectors already attached. He has had his for two years without any troubles at all. He did have to purchase an extension one time but the original hose was still going strong into his third year. So we took that as a special omen and purchased a Rhino hose for the OFM Teams.

New Hose in Box

Now we are set for a good long time of trouble free (we hope) sewer hose use. The old style couplings etc have been discarded. Old fingers eventually hit limits we guess.

Not a lot exciting is happening these days. However the OFM did notice a life event that happens close to the dusty roads out here. The spider webs that get put up each night near the roads seldom last a whole day.  The heavy dust clouds that passing vehicles cause as they pass by collect on the webs. By noon the webs collect enough dust that they get weighted down.  The resulting sag can be several inches. Apparently the dust coats the sticky parts and the webs no longer work.

Early Dust and Sagging

When we notice the webs later in the day, there is seldom any critters caught in the web. Whereas the webs farther out into the desert will have lots of insects caught in them and very little dust coating.

Do you think the OFM is getting simple minded when he thinks looking at dirty spider webs is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun?


Looking For Paradise Again

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: March, 2018
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We have been piddling around for a few days trying to make something worth blogging about happen. Finally a tidbit has happened. Night before last we had the Castle shut up tight and heat going strong to keep us warm. Then last night we had the windows open and the fans going to keep the OFM sweating to a minimum. And here it is mid afternoon and SUMMER is in full force.

The OFM got to checking the wheel bearings on the Castle and decided that it was time for a repack since we had an excellent service location nearby. We are also needing to piddle around in the area until after the weekend to let the Spring Break crowd dissipate into the population centers. 

So a stop at Arc-rite here in Del Rio got us a first thing Tuesday appointment for a Castle wheel bearing repack and a brakes exam. The brakes are not having any trouble but it is a good idea to check them after nearly 200000 miles of service. When the brakes are viewable for exam, if anything needs maintenance it will also be done. The leaf springs system will also get a close checkout.  When we leave here we want eveything to be in great shape on the Castle because we are heading to New Mexico to teach Sierra about mountain climbing.
Where in NM you might ask, but probably not. Well here it is anyway. The target area is the part of NM that is inside the red line. We have been in there before and it is a neat area with a few thousand square miles left for us to explore and only five weeks to do it.

The OFM guarantees that we will not have any trouble finding something in that area for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Luxury Facilities

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: March, 2018
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Sunsets are usually at the end of the blog entry. So tonight we are starting off with a great sky light show.

Oh and by the way that is a sunrise from our campsite.

During the running around on the major roads off in the desert you can raise a lot of off-white dust. And before you know it your vehicle will weigh about a hundred pounds more. Take a gander at the rear of Sierra. We gather a lot of dust but the dust clouds are even more huge as they layer the vegetation with dust for a quarter mile every direction.

Just so you will know that this is not some low rent location. The cost for the luxury campsite here is $2 a day for the Teams. Our necessities facilities are of the highest order. At least once a year all the dead insects, varmits and dust is flushed out of the facility. It does get a little warm in the summer and brisk in the winter but it is really first class boondocking.

We hope you have enjoyed this update on our campsite where we work hard at trying to have tooooo much fun.



Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: March, 2018
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The San Pedro Campground at Lake Amistad is about eight miles from the SuperWalmart in Del Rio Texas but it is really an isolated feeling place.  As we were heading back to the Castle the afternoon sun was bearing mightily on the white sides of the Castle showing its location out in the desert. We thought it might interest someone to see the desert vastness and isolation even just outside town.

This first picture was taken with the camera lens at a normal setting. That would be about what your naked eye would see. The camera location was near spur 454 and highway 90 looking toward the San Pedro camping area.

Then the OFM did all the zoom the camera has and took the next picture. After cropping we ended up with this picture which is well more enlarging than simple regular binoculars would give you.

Yes it is remote but easily accessible by the gravel roads.

Later that evening the sunset was playing around in the sky and we were playing along. About a dozen sunset pictures were taken. These next two were taken about ten minutes apart from essentially the same spot. It was hard to believe they were the same sunset.

Yep the deserts of West Texas can be a great place for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Short Nature Trail

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 03/??/18
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The Nature Trail near the Diablo East parking lot is a nice one for a short walk of thirty minutes or so. It is nicely laid out and an easy stroll. Usually a few flowers are there to please your eyes and nose.

The trail is a very ordinary looking starting trail. It is in the far corner of the parking lot and drops through an opening in some ordinary looking shrubs.

The vegetation is marked with nice tags to tell you about all the weird looking items growing on the ridge. At the far right loop is the trail the OFM used to go down to fish in the lake. 

As you can see it is a treacherous trail to follow. The fishing was usually pretty good. The OFM is no longer using that trail for anything except to inspire memories. He would really make some damage to his body with those rocks.

Along the trail a bit was one bush with these really dramatic purple blossoms. They almost glowed in the sunlight. 

As we came back around on the return loop some nice cacti came into view. First was the cactus beds with blooms just starting to emerge.

Then there was a few blossoms hidden way deep in the thorns. The OFM could not get the camera down into the thorns for a picture.

Then after a bit of scratching around and gentle prodding we opened a path for the camera lens for this cactus cup blossom. Yep it was worth the effort.

From there on up to Sierra it was just a nice comfortable meander to the end of another peaceful adventure while trying to have tooooo much fun.


Hilly Ride

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 03/07/2018
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A ride to the lake on spur 454 shut down to motor vehicles road seemed like a good idea for a first real ride on the Teams bicycle. We think it was about 1 1/2 miles one way and the OFM was not sure how his body would take riding after so many months. He thinks he did OK for an OFM. But the details tell the true story.

In the beginning Sierra took the bike, the OFM and some of the Teams to the parking spot near the gate to the riding/walking portion of Spur 454. The bike was set on the ground and the OFM prepped for his adventure. Can you believe it, the OFM even remembered to bring AND USE the camera! Here we are getting ready. Notice the gate with the stop sign on it. That is where the ride starts.

Right after entering the area the OFM took a picture to show part of the road ahead. As of this water level in the lake, the road goes up and over two more slightly higher hills before getting to the lake. It is nice riding and quiet.

Frequently we were riding near the Ahh-Choo trees as the Boondork calls them. They are a really pretty color when the sun blasts them.

As we rode along the OFM regained his ability to sense what gear to be riding in and finally it came, more or less, automatically without him having to think about it. Anytime he has to think first everything gets slowed way down. Be assured that even though we were bike Meandering when we topped the third hill the lake edge was a wonderful sight.

We dismounted and were slugging water like crazy when a huge commotion in the water to our right startled the OFM and he got all choked up over it.

It turned out to be large carp in the 18“ to 24“ size messing around. Many were within 15 feet of the OFM and his camera. Here is two of them that messed around long enough for the OFM to get their picture.

Then suddenly they erupted in thrashing and splashing and moved back toward the deeper water.

This was happening all around the Teams for as far as we could see along the shoreline. 

Finally the OFM thought he could challenge the hills again so we took off at the speed of------------ a slug. As we headed back the OFM got it into his head to see if the old fancy gate posts we had located back in the trees years ago were still there. We think he really just used it as an excuse to rest when we got to the top of the first hill.

 Any way the gate posts were still there but the area was a bit grown up for our liking for tramping around the old homestead again. There is a small house foundation, a windmill foundation and some miscellaneous foundations we never identified before. Here is one of the fancy gate posts.

From there is was a nice pleasant ride most of the way back until we came upon a fisherman unhooking a small bass. He had walked and carried his fishing gear the 1/2 mile to where an old culvert went under the road and a slough came up through the culvert. We talked for about 20 minutes about fishing Amistad and especially about how little shore fishing is available on the lake. 

Then it was ride up the hill to the gate and Sierra waiting patiently for our return. It was a very nice ride and with all the excitement, it was a great effort at trying to have tooooo much fun.



Second day of sitting out here in an empty camping area running high fever and massive body aches. Somebody have some fun for the Teams.
We will be back when we heal.


Desert Flowers

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 03/06/2018

The variety of flowers that bloom in the West Texas desert is wonderful. On the nature trail the Teams were finding a new flower frequently and spring season is just beginning. Sometimes even the rocks have “blooms” of gold. This is a gold growth on a rock next tot he trail. Lots of other rocks around the area have the same kind of gold growth. Alas it is fields full of gold.

While the OFM was squatted down getting the rock gold picture, he noticed this very delicate and pretty flower.

The picture does not do it justice. The multitude of colors was huge but the delicacy of the flower did not really show in the picture. A magnifying glass to view it would have been nice. 

The mesquite trees are starting to explode all over the place. Their aghh-choo ability runs very high but the OFM still loves to view them and enjoy their fragrances. 

Off course the prickly pear is standing forth with the new thorns in abundance. Being careful around these new borns is important since they can stay inside your body when they break off. Cutting your body open to get the burning pain producing thorn remnant out is not a fun procedure for sure.

This looks like it will be a good year for yucca blooms. There are lots of them in the area that are well into forming up for the explosion of flowers soon. We found this one right next to the road coming into the campground where we are camped. Fresh yucca blooms have a luminous quality we have come to really enjoy.

Chasing fresh flower pictures in the desert is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Canyon Nature Trail

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 03/04/2018
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Tonight we start on the nature trail down by the Diablo East boat ramp. It is a very pleasant trail that is somewhat surfaced. Wheel chairs can handle it but small wheel baby carriages will have a rough ride. The trail winds around and down on the sides of a small canyon. Then it winds around and comes back on top right at the fish cleaning station on the main road. Then it runs along parallel to the main road but hidden back in the desert growth back to the starting point. We have found it to be a very nice trail of fairly easy walking but you do need to pay attention. Critters can pop out of the surrounding desert at any time.

So let us get started. At the very beginning next to the main parking lot rest room, you get to have a great view of a very small part of the lake.

Immediately we noticed that the blackbrush plants are starting to set blossoms for the soon Spring big bloom. And yes the OFM is having a fit with all the pollen saturating the air. Here the OFM is holding some pollen generators with their protective thorns. Those thorns will stick all the way through the sole of many shoes.

After we meandered down into the canyon a little way we took this picture to show you the terrain and the trail. On this particular day it was overcast and cool. Notice the trail surface is a bit rough but not really bad.

As we followed the trail around the walls of the canyon, each view was different and quite pretty in its own way. It definitely is some rugged meandering if you leave the trail. The OFM did not leave the trail. 

The were lots of pollen producers getting ready to explode. The camera was busy getting pictures of many of them. Those pictures will be coming soon.

We have been on this trail many times before and  starred it in this blog several times in the past. It is still a nice place for trying to have tooooo much fun.


Forgotten Details

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 03/03/2018

It was April 5 of last year when the Teams left our last boondocking site and we had not boondocked again until February 25 this year. It is going pretty well with bumps in the path. We have been amazed at how many used to be “automatic” things we had forgotten. It is good we chose Amistad campground for the re-entry into boondocking life style.

Walmart is only 7 miles into town. The water and dump station is about four miles away. So we have had a chance to have errors without major road trips required. One error is washing dishes. Way too much water is wasted in hookup dish washing. Today the OFM purchased paper plates to cut back on water usage. Brushing your teeth with a cup of water not with a faucet running even a little bit is another technique he had forgotten. His first couple of showers were too long. As a result of these and several other things our water supply will just make 7 days much less the normal 12-14 days.

We were lucky that our solar panels are still working very well since the first night we used over a third (instead of 1/4) of our battery capacity by leaving lights and chargers for electronics on when they were not being needed. 

If you have been on grid for a long while, be forewarned that you might have to relearn some formerly “automatic” techniques for boondocking. We like the boondocking as a good way of being RIGHT THERE where the having tooooo much fun is happening.


Morning Exercise

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 03/02/2018

We are back on line again. When we got on line two days ago, about six hours later the electronics in the tower with the Sprint service blew out. We have been without campsite Internet since then. About 1600 today the service came back on.

Parts of several adventures have come together to be tonight’s blog entry. The OFM has been very diligently working on his energy levels. A lot of walking is going on. Naturally picture taking is a big part of the walks.

There is a very nice peaceful road that goes back into the vegetation from near our campsite. Mornings along that road generally means we see a few deer and other critters. It is a great limbering up path first thing in the morning. It feels like a nice half mile saunter from the Castle that is just right for getting all the stiff joints and sore muscles limbered up for the daily adventures.

On most walks the clouds put on some spectacular shows. In a day it is not unusual to get to appreciate five different cloud sculptures in the bright blue sky. Here is one from Wednesday.

The OFM like the fresh yellow flowers growing over near the boulders marking the DO NOT DRIVE PAST HERE boundary. Spring is breaking out all around us and we are loving being here to welcome it.

The sunsets are what a lot of folks think are special. However the sunsets are really just ordinary spectacular most nights. This was Wednesday’s sunset.

Thursday night was full moon night and the OFM just had to try to get a decent picture of the full moon and clouds. It did not come out quite like he envisioned it, but we feel it was still pretty darned nice to see.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another beautiful blue sky day. We are planning on getting in some hikes in some of the less used areas over the next week or so. But you know the Teams are just as likely to have an adventure in town as anywhere. Remember free camping and Boondocking is not the goal. Trying to have tooooo much fun is the goal.