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Bored Pelican, Port Aransas, TX


No Excitement

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

As this pelican can attest, not much exciting is going on around here.

A good effort last night resulted in two full Walmart bags of not used items left the Castle and found good homes with some nice folks who will use them. That emptied a cabinet and a half’s worth of the Castles many cabinets. We are definitely living a lot more lighter than a year ago.

The Castle is a 2006 model and has had the Teams living in it since July 2007. Naturally things are wearing out and needing replacement. The local camper parts house gives a 10% discount to veterans and we have made use of it for a few replacement items. One of which was a new bathroom door knob and latch. The old one just gave up the ghost a few days ago and we need door latch that works for when we are traveling. It would be really bad to have a door flapping back and forth while the Castle is rocking along the highway.

The new door knob came in today and was installed as the highlight of the last two days. Here it is in all its glory.

That is one more item out of the way for when we get to roll soon in search of having tooooo much fun.



Adventure Choosing

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Hey! Look over there on the bulkhead. Isn’t that the world famous Old Fat Man?

Well, world famous is not what I would call him, but it is the notorious OFM of blogger land. He isn’t worth a flip at catching fish but if he is taking our picture he does have good taste in photography subjects.

I hear he says he tries to have tooooo much fun.

Yep. He even seems to brag about it at times.

It seems to me to be a good idea. What do you want to do Dizzy?

I don’t know. Got any suggestions Jim?

No but let’s ask Marty. She usually has something to say. What kind of adventure should we have today?

I have no idea, but I bet Jeff can come up with something.

Nope. I am going to take a nap.


So my friendly readers this proves that even pelicans can have an off day when it comes to trying to have tooooo much fun.



The Answer

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Our friend from To Simplify has a great answer tonight on his blog. Please go over and enjoy it.

Glenn knows how to try to have tooooo much fun.




Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

It has been another absolutely beautiful day here in Rockport, Tx. The Teams did some roaming around parts of the area we had not been to in a good while. Nothing special was spotted to talk about but it was a very pleasant little tour.

Late in the evening the OFM finally made a decision and now Sneaky’s tie down for travel has been decided. It is hoped that Sneaky will not decide to imitate Superman and take a flying leap while we are headed down the highway. Sneaky is a tough boat but we suspect that a tumbling landing on the concrete at 55 MPH would do Sneaky in.

And the last thing for tonight is some travel information. Our site here in the campground has been rented to a new occupant starting February 1. The OFM had turned in January 31 as our last day and now our chance to chicken out on traveling on down the road is gone. We ordered mail this evening so it should come in late next week. After that we can delay no longer than February 1 but we could roll anytime starting January 23. Rent is paid up through January 31 but the desert is calling very loudly. So somewhere between those dates we will shift over into boon docking mode. The OFM says it is about time.

For those who do not know about the Castle setup, the Castle has enough solar and batteries to run nearly a full hookup style of RV camping without skimping. What we do not have available when boon docking is a working microwave and A/C. All other systems work basically the same as when we are plugged into 120 volt power. The Castle’s stove and oven have to substitute for the microwave and they do it well. When it gets hot enough for the AC, the Castle heads higher or for site with 120 volt electrical. The New Mexico State Parks are pretty economical for when 120 volt is needed.

The OFM is getting excited at the prospect of some desert adventuring again. The deserts have many ways of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Popping Cork Delight

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

It has been a great day again. The OFM actually got off his lazy and did some maintenance on the Castle. First he cleaned out the outside access to the under the couch storage. There was only a few things in there but each and every item was closely scrutinized to be sure we needed to be carrying it. Then the storage was swept clean of debris. This is the first time in ten years it has been cleaned. To our amazement there was less than a half cup of desert sand “stored” in it. Then the items to be retained were stored back in the compartment. that was a great event.

But it inspired the OFM to actually wash down the outside of the Castle with a brush that is stored in the above mentioned compartment. It is one of the soft bristle brushes that gets a water hose hooked to it. When the water is turned on, the water flows up the handle and out into the brush. It sure makes washing the outside of the Castle a lot easier. Ours was purchased at Walmart over ten years ago and is still doing well.

After all this activity the OFM thought he deserved a nap and we agreed. We have to be careful to be easy on that OLD man you know.

Let us go back to the start of things this morning. The OFM got going relatively early this morning and fixed his own breakfast. Then it was off to catch fish again. A popping cork was the chosen tool for helping fish fail to be cautious enough. The speckled trout were VERY cooperative about biting. The trouble is each and every one of them was 1/8“ too short to be legal. but they were a vigorous bunch of fools. We know the OFM caught over a dozen.

Here is how a popping cork and lure hangs when it is in the water. Some well meaning folks will tell you a popping cork is only for live shrimp fishing. they are wrong.

Now here is a closer view of the cork and the lure we prefer.

Now it gets interesting. Two fellows came out onto the pier while we were devastating the fish. The OFM motioned them in closer to where the fish were at to give them a good chance at some fish. Neither one was using a popping cork but rather free lining their lures. After catching more fisheees the OFM moved on out on the pier and let them have the spot to themselves.

NEITHER of them caught a single fish while the OFM kept on catching a fish about every third cast. Finally the older fellow put an old style popping cork on his line and blam a trout on the next cast. Yep we think using popping corks can be a very effective way of lowering the fish population in salt water.

Catching tooooo many fish gets close to having tooooo much fun.


First Footprints

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Back to the beach adventure we go. Check out this empty beach. Notice the OFM footprints in the lower right leading to the jetty. He got to put the first footprints of the day on this part of the beach.

There were other footprints on the beach the other side of either jetty but none in the middle area. We did a good job of scattering footprints all over everything before the OFM quit burning electrons with the camera.

We went out to near the end of both of these jetties. These are the Fish Pass Jetties. One is the North jetty and the other has the odd name of South jetty for some reason. From near the end of the north jetty the OFM took a bunch of terrible wave action shots with the camera. We did end up with one decent picture. As you can see from the picture no human has any business at the very end of the jetty.

And this was a relatively calm day.

We arrived here near the low tide bottom so during the adventures here the tide was slowly coming in and attempting to strand Sierra. This small tidal pool was forming at the base of the north jetty while the Teams watched it in action.

In about two hours the water would likely be lapping over the OFM’s shoes if he had stayed there. We still had several hours to go before Sierra needed to get out of there so the OFM went walking on the beach south of the south jetty. He got in about a half mile of walking south and then had to come back all the way to Sierra. Usually winter is a good month for beach combing but on this day the pickings were very slim. But the Teams did a good job of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Too Much Fun

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

After two early days of chasing warmth and sunshine the OFM wore out. He hit one of the beaches early this morning. As soon as Sierra got parked the OFM hopped out and started taking pictures. Here is the first picture of today.

By the end of today he was totally worn out and is doing his best to stay awake while this post is completed. He needs his beauty sleep. Yep the Teams came really close to having tooooo much fun today. Now all of us need to sleep. Night Night.



Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM was cold last night so he turned on a heater to get warm. Then he checked the outside temperature and it was 27 deg F. Even an Arctic Fox like the Castle has to have internal heat with those conditions. The Castle held a comfortable 70 for the night with the electric heater running once in a while.

This afternoon about 1600 the OFM went around the campground and took pictures for evidence. Yes it did freeze here last night and it was a hard freeze as you are about to see. The OFM did not notice the freeze very much last night since he turned on the heat.

Two site north from the Castle is a nice large banana tree that was spreading enough to start to be a bother with the roadway. Well it got some natural pruning last night and might not be a trouble for a good while now.

The statue fountain near the Castle had the water in it frozen solid and was still solid as dark fell and we headed for a light freeze tonight. The basin in this picture is frozen solid. That means the circulation pump is frozen in there somewhere. We hope it survived.

There is a long leafed plant that grows like a bush here in the park in several places. They all seemed to survive with damage. This particular one normally stands about three feet tall. Now it is mostly a mushy mound of damaged leaves.

The owner has planted lots of Plumeria inside the campground. They make beautiful flowers and grow well normally. The leaves of the plant did not fare well with the cold, but we hope the stalk did fare well and will soon be back in spring growth mode.

Now all we need is for the fish to be really hungry tomorrow and beg us to cast a lure to them. That might be another great day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


Ice Knife Wind

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM made the Teams get out and experience the wonderful weather today. There is nothing so invigorating as a 37 degree F wet wind blowing 20+ miles per hour to brighten your day. Yes Sir the Teams were really enthusiastic in this endeavor.

When we pulled into the Rockport Beach Park the flags were waving at us with lots of excitement. We think it was because the OFM was the only fool to come to the park today.

Sierra drove the Teams around the whole park looking for anything not frozen in place. Even the waves in Little Bay did not seem enthusiastic in providing interesting movement. But on the way out we noticed that some of the palm trees were dancing in the ice knife wind. We do not know the name of the dance but it did use some low to the ground moves.

The (knucklehead) OFM even stopped for a couple of casts to see if any fish were dumb enough to not head south ahead of the cold front. Nope, none of the fish were dumb enough to stick around for this misery. But the OFM was.

By now even the OFM was ready to give up and get back into the warm of the Castle for some effort at trying to have tooooo much fun.

Great Idea?????

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM Teams camera has trash on the lens or image receiving device. You have probably seen it in a picture or two over the last year plus. Today the OFM thought to blow air in around the telescoping lens. Then into the compartment where the video card and batteries reside. He hoped to dislodge some of the garbage that shows in our pictures.

His breath is the first thought but it likely would be way to moist and cause condensation troubles inside the camera. So it was quickly ruled out. OK then use the air compressor and dial the air pressure way down so as to not explode the camera.

So far so good but we did not have a way to get the air into the camera. We needed a “air gun” like we used to have when we had a shop. Off to Walmart and there was a complete kit to set us up with an air gun and a bunch of stuff we did not need. That is spelled $$$$$. So more thought was in process as he wandered all over Wal-Mart.

Suddenly in the garden section was the answer. A garden sprayer would produce a decent strong stream of air and the Castle has one in a storage bin! Back at the Castle it took looking into a couple of bins before we found the sprayer.

We took the trouble of rinsing it and drying it out so only air would be sprayed. Then we tested by pumping it for about ten hours it seemed but in the end it puffed out a strong stream of concentrated air. Next was a recharge of the sprayer and into the Castle to try it on the camera. It worked perfectly. You could tell that air was impacting the thin cracks around the lens. Then we went to the battery cavity and sprayed air all through that and could feel some air exit around the lens. Wow this is going great!

Next we fired up the camera to see how much good we had done. The camera showed us that blowing the air into the camera did absolutely no good for our trouble. All the dust spots were still there in the original spots. None of them had been moved. Ratzzzzz. So now we are back to looking for a new camera that fits in a front shirt pocket and is one $ in cost instead of $$$$$. We noticed some with waterproof to 30 feet designation and some with dust proof designation and some with both. Maybe the next camera will not get the trash inside like the last two did. We will miss the viewfinder though. The OFM really would like a clean camera to record his efforts at trying to have tooooo much fun.


It Came Home With Us

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
The OFM made a mistake a couple of years ago and purchased to small of a skillet. Today he remembered to look at TFal skillets at Walmart. There was a larger one available at a decent price. So a ten inch skillet followed us home. Since it is COLD outside this evening we put the stove top to work to heat the Castle.

The skillet was compared to the smaller skillet and deemed a better item for us to carry. The smaller skillet was donated to the land fill. For those who might care, the TFal brand of cookware has served the OFM very well for 19 years as a single man. The slippery coating has held up on all the cookware we have abused in this time period. It is also decently value priced.

After a good scrubbing and rinsing it was time for the new skillet to earn its keep. The refrigerator was raided for ingredients. The OFM usually has some good stuff in the refrigerator for eating and tonight was very good.

  • The ingredients were: Slovaceks sausage thinly sliced.

  • A nice green Mexican bell pepper

  • A chunk of pretty Mexican cabbage

  • Coarse ground black pepper and garlic powder

  • A large Mexican onion

  • A good dollop of olive oil

This was all stir fried gently leaving some crunch to the vegetables. The sausage was slightly curled at the edges and NO burned edges on anything. The wonderful meal was slipped onto a plate, a hurried picture taken and the feast began.

With the voracious OFM the feast did not last very long. Another good point is stir frying seldom creates much mess to clean up. The OFM got that chore done in about fifteen minutes. Now he is planning on a huge cup of decaffeinated green tea to finish out the evening.

Yep kicking back with a big mug of hot tea and sketching possible paintings sounds like a great way of finishing up the day of trying to have tooooo much fun.



Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Here it is Wednesday morning and COLD outside. The OFM is shiverring and quiverring over there in front of three electric heaters going full blast. Not much going to be happening for the next couple of days.

So let’s just have a rosy time indoors.



Bad Winter Day

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The sun came up to a cool morning with a gentle breeze. Quickly it became a gorgeous day. The sun was very welcome. The OFM once again took off from the harbor area for a long walk. He is trying to help his legs by losing weight again and keeping the muscle tone better by gentle exercise. Exercise that makes your joints hurt is just plain wrong.

When he made his way out to the end of the breakwater guarding the entry to the harbor he rested a few minutes. That is a treacherous walk out to the end with all the slippery algae on the concrete. While resting he noticed the old docks from ancient history of the harbor. We do not know how old the docks are but the OFM recalls them being over fifty years old.

This is quite a horrible winter day isn’t it.

We renewed our Rockport Beach Pass today for $20 for the year. It is probably the best valued fun ticket we have used in several years. One important thing is that the pass gives us access to the wooden pier at the end of the beach. It is a good fishing pier.

Today the OFM did a bit of fishing on that pier with a new to him lure named a Mirrodine. It is a pretty lure and it actually caught two fish. If you put the fish end to end they would measure about 16“. In this picture of the first fish, the Mirrodine is about 3 1/2“ long. Those are 2x6 decking boards the fish is lying upon. That little fish had eyes bigger than its mouth we believe.


A lot of the day was spent just enjoying the 72 degree sunshine and doing lots of serious relaxing. But grocery shopping had to happen. Walmart was swamped with customers AND the computer cash registers could not accept any sort of credit card or debit card. It was the old days again with CASH only. The OFM went crazy and treated himself to a bag of potato chips. WOW that guy certainly does know how to live it up when he is trying to have tooooo much fun.



Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

WE have the pleasure of announcing the production of GKII is in progress. GKII???

Grand Kid number 2. GKII is due in July and therefore has taken command of the re-planning of the OFM Teams travel agenda for 2017. Of course the Teams will do our best to be on site for the big event when it happens.

This is a pretty good way to start off a brand new year of trying to have tooooo much fun.