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Flint Creek Alabama


Heater Time

Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

What a day it has been! In reality it has been a good day. The rain woke the OFM about 0430 this morning just in time for the usual length of Comfort Castle trip during the night. It was just a light rain but a quick glance outside showed it had been raining for a good while. Going back to sleep came really easily.

Later the OFM woke up to the sound of ..... rain continuing. The day stayed a day of rain or drizzle until late in the afternoon. That gave the OFM a reason to do a few chores and hit up a store for a couple of items.

The most important item came from the BBQ place in town.

That pulled pork stuffed potato was longer than his two fists end to end. He made a heroic effort to finish it for lunch but he wasn’t man enough. However he did finish the job at supper...barely. Boths efforts were enjoyed tremendously. The nap after lunch was even better. A thirty minute timer alarm was set and the OFM never moved for over an hour. That was great.

This campground has a shallow finger of Wheeler Lake that comes into it. When Wheeler Lake floods so does parts of the campground. The manager and the main maintenance man spent a couple of days busy cleaning the very thick summer’s growth from the “creek” so it could drain better. This was done a couple of days ago in preparation for the rain of today. The campground is not spotless but is very well maintained all the time.

It is time to get out the electric heater. The next three nights are supposed to get down to 58-60. The Teams consider that time for a bit of warmth at night. Relatively warm days and cool nights sounds like an invitation for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. All sounds good. Is that harvy rain your getting?

  2. Heard some of that leftover storm was coming your way. Wifey's cousin lives in Huntsville.

  3. Wow! That stuffed potato looks like it might have come from Big Bob Gibson's place. Doggone it Barney, you've made me hungry for some barbecue...looks like a trip to Decatur is in the future.

  4. Nights of 65° are wonderful! Below that my muscle tense trying to keep my own heat in. That's when external heaters are wonderful.