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North Alabama Cool Creek


Trail Marking

Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

The Point Mallard has many neat things for folks to enjoy. One of the major attractions for the OFM Teams is the several miles of developed trails. Some are paved and very wheelchair accessible. Some are dirt and gravel and can be a little tough for people using walking assists like wheel chairs or canes.

Overall there is a lot of use of the trails. They are well marked and very few high places. Those high places are all on the along the river trail and are in general not more than ten feet high with a reasonable slope as the trail goes up.

To take it to another level of helpfulness, the park management has summer help (high school kids) do some pretty good things. The one we noticed the most over the years we have been coming here is the painting of tripping hazards on the natural surface trails. 

There is about four miles of natural surface trails and hazards are marked as shown in the picture. It helps to keep folks more aware of the hazard of not paying attention while jogging or walking. Banging your nose into the gravel when walking is not a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Looks like some wonderful trails there and the hazard marking is a wonderful idea.

  2. my mobility scooter gets stuck in gravel so I guess I'll miss out on this too! Enjoy it enough for both of us...

    1. There is about five miles of paved pathway that your scooter will roll on just fine.

  3. I could have used some of that hazard painting the day I face planted and broke my nose. Fortunately, I did not dislocate it so I could ignore it while it healed.