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North Alabama Cool Creek


Front To Back

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

With a lot of time on his hands for the next week and a half before we leave for north Alabama, the OFM has been just moping around because it is too hot for him outside during the day. We finally got him going on a painting he has been off and on planning. It is a simple painting done in oil pastels. It has to be simple for him to even attempt it.

It was inspired by a much larger picture of some flowers that he took last month. The OFM took a liking to a particular pair of flowers and sketched them. Then while reading about a new to him technique he got busy and started the painting. Today it got finished. He is still learning a lot about artistic painting. The plan is to print a photo of this painting on some regular paper from one of these photos and then mark up the print with the things he notices he would like to do different or correct. That should be a good learning tool don’t you think?

After about a dozen oil pastel paintings, this effort convinced him he needs to work larger than the 5x7 rough size he has been using.  The Castle is small so he was trying to limit the storage space needed. However the small size that worked well for watercolor is really cramping his ability to smear the “crayons” around. So it is time for an improvement by using larger paper.

If you have followed this blog for a while you may recall that the campground in Decatur Al is in an area the OFM did a huge amount of artistic photography in during the preceding few years.  The Teams are thinking that this same area will inspire a lot of paintings due to its variety of views and beauty.

OK. Enough. Let us see the paintings!!!!!!!!
Well not so fast. It seems that we discovered something interesting during the photography session.  So tonight we have two different shots of the painting and the lighting makes a lot of difference. They will be shown without frames tonight so you get the RAW painting to laugh at. Here is the front lighted painting.

Then the OFM happened to stick it up on the insulation covering the window to store it for a minute. The difference astounded us all. Here is the back lighted painting.

One other thing was extremely evident while painting this scene. The cheap oil pastels purchased at Walmart were not even close to being able to handle the painting. They are heading for the dumpster in the morning. The professional quality Sennelier oil pastels were infinitely better and worth every penny more they cost. On top of that they made it easier for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Painting looks like too much fun and back lighting really makes a difference....who knew?

    1. The back lighting difference really caught me off guard.

  2. Looks pretty darn good to me, almost like stained glass in a way. As I read your blog I find that you paint very well, even though at times you don't think so. I definitely have so much fun admiring your talent, so don't give up and continue to share it with all of us.

  3. Really nice I like the way both looked.

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  5. Reminiscent of early Georgia O'Keefe's work. The blending and shading of the petals themselves is excellent. The background looks hurried and runs in one direction when viewed with the back light. Keep going , you are turning into quite an artist my friend.!!

  6. Hey looking wonderful, love the different effects of the lighting.

  7. Glad to see you are still painting. I need to start back at painting sometime soon. . . . but not today.

  8. So much fun to be had in the experimentation and learning!