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Flowers, Rockport, Texas



Mis-Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The Teams are very lucky to have an excellent RV repairman in the area. Eric is highly recommended by the OFM Teams. Here is his business card. Tell him Barney sent you and he might still do work for you anyway.


The Castle’s exam took several minutes as you would expect a good exam to take. Eric did not feel that the rot was as bad as the OFM thought it was. His opinion was that we could live with it without fear of the Castle flying apart going down the road. Yes there is rot that needs to be handled and a zone that needs a complete drying out. The good part is that it can likely be handled from inside the Castle by working inside a couple of cabinets. The OFM was feeling around inside a cabinet wall at the front of the Castle and the vinyl paper came loose right in his fingers. Well if it is that loose it needs to come out so the drying can begin RIGHT NOW.

Tomorrow the OFM will be looking into the evidence and prepare an attack plan. The least bad part is that this part of the roof and wall has no particular loads imposed on it. We do hope that a repair will be able to be done from inside the Castle and no fiberglas will need to be handled.


Eric will be back next week to redo all the caulk that seems to need attention. Of course all that caulk is right along the edge of the Castle roof.

The two caulk cracks that the OFM filled yesterday looked like impact tears to him. Then today Eric notices several deep scratches on some of the caulk and some marks that seemed to be from tree branches. A clearance lamp lens in this area is also cracked from the center with cracks radiating out like something impacted it.

Our guess is that a small tree limb we thought we dodged going into San Pedro Campground at Lake Amistad did not get dodged and sliced a inch long cut in the caulking. That happened in Late January this year. We will never know for sure but it really points out that the OFM maintenance schedule needs to be more frequent than it has been. An RVer has to realize that caulk scratches and cracked roof penetrations are part of the lifestyle. The careful check of the roof and side walls needs to be a frequent happening. Obviously the OFM is paying the price for being too lazy.

Now we know another way of not trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Water leaks sure cause problems. I had a leak in the air conditioner gasket and it was hard to find, as the water ran forward and dripped on the dash. It was an easy and cheap fix. I did not know they should replaced every 5 years, sure do now. Good luck on your repairs.

  2. Water leaks can be hard to find,, took a long time to find ours around the taillights on out coach, good luck with the repairs,

  3. Always seems that something will go wrong in an RV. Maybe RV stands for Rotten Vehicle or something like that.

  4. S n B or RV it's always money. And rot happens way to fast in both. Hope all repairs go well