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North Alabama Cool Creek


Quick Art Center Visit

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today was tooooo busy alllll day Again. The OFM is very tired from carry lots of rocks in his pockets today. All his pockets had to be kept full of heavy rocks to keep all the mosquitoes from carrying him home for their meals. We saw several cows being whisked out of the fields headed for the marsh areas. We heard that it takes at least a 12 pound sledge hammer to kill just one of the biting savages.

So we stayed close to Sierra since the OFM did not want to walk very far while carrying rocks and breathing mosquitos. Sierra parked at the Rockport Art Center and the Teams looked around it for a few minutes. A few minutes of blood is all the OFM thought he could spare. Here is the inviting front porch. The rocking chairs are empty because the mosquitoes carried off the most recent occupants.

Near the entrance is a ligustrum bush that was blooming. They have nice flowers that are also fragrant. We stopped for a few seconds to take this picture. It was difficult to hold still with the huge mosquitoes jerking on the OFM’s arms and legs.

As the OFM headed away from the porch we came close to this palm tree trunk that has a great pattern. For some reason the OFM thought it was cute, so enjoy his idea of cute.

And as we turned to amble back to Sierra the OFM spotted this bloody looking plant. If anyone knows its name, please tell us.

We made it back to Sierra and got inside the cab safely with about 79% of our original blood with us. WE can feel safe to say that playing in the mosquitoes is not the best way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Photo doesn't show the habit, but the leaves look like Seagrape to me (AKA cocolobo, bot. name: coccoloba uvifera. Common in South Fla & along beaches in S Texas. People make a jelly with the fruit.


  2. It's popular in Minnesota to make fun of our short summer. As we were moving here we heard on the radio that Minnesota's two seasons are Winter and August. Many times we've heard Winter and Road Construction which is true. I also think Winter and Mosquito Season is true. It's not fun to be popular with mosquitoes.