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Flowers, Rockport, Texas


Not Santa On The Roof

Mis-Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM waited for the dew to evaporate this morning before we set to work. That means it was getting hot when the ladder went up next to the Castle. The fool had decided to attempt to do the new caulking work himself since it was only about one tubes worth of effort.

He was extra careful when he went up the ladder for the first part. Being right against the Castle gave him bravery way beyond his known abilities. Or is it lack of abilities.

The first part went well without mishaps of any significance. Then it was time to go up the rear ladder of the Castle onto the roof.

The edge of the Castle would be very close for this part of the repair. The OFM checked his physical comfort with his stability and found it to be enough to continue. It was already HOT on the roof. The edge was sneaked up on and the caulking continued. Most of the Dicor lap sealant was applied to the seams in the repair vicinity. Then the mighty roof conquerer looked around for other bad caulk spots.

The bad news is he found a few. The good news is he found a few before they caused trouble. There was just enough caulk left in the tube to finish all of them off with a new coat of protection. That was a good bit of luck there.

By now the OFM had been on the roof almost an hour. He noticed the heat was starting to bother him so he was ready to get on down to the dirt. The caulking gun was tossed down to the grass to await our return to earth gently.

The trip down the back ladder was uneventful thank goodness. And the clean up started. One thing a person that is applying caulking on an RV roof should do is NOT step in the fresh caulk. That stuff does not come off of shoe soles easily.


After the cleanup, the next thing on the agenda was to take six million milligrams of ibuprofen to aid in the recovery of his knees from the abuse of squatting on the roof applying caulk.

An important item to the OFM is that all the new potential leak points were not due to the Dicor caulk failing but indicated that tree limb scrapes caused all of the damage to the caulk. We will be much more careful about roof abrasions in the future.

Tomorrow will be day of putting the interior of the Castle back in reasonable order. Then the vacuum cleaner will be put to work getting all the work debris cleaned up.

After all this it is definitely time to run around looking for tooooo much fun.


  1. Making certain the roof has no leaks is a good thing but most Dollar Stores sell inexpensive Knee Pads that will put less strain on your back, calling for a smaller quantity of Ibuprofen which will add to your having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. That Dicor is good stuff, with any luck it'll be a long time before you have to do that job again.

  3. I have no problem climbing a ladder it's the coming down that gets me every time. So I just don't go very high anymore. Glad you did well getting up and back down.

  4. I was holding my breath, Barney. So glad you made it down safely.

    1. I was pretty sure I could make it down (as in splat), its the safely part that was questionable in my mind.

  5. That Dicor is amazing sealant, should last many years. I toss my stuff down also, so I can put all effort into getting down safe. Glad you did also.