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Flowers, Rockport, Texas


Miscellaneous Day

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

After a fairly miscellaneous day the afternoon turned out very well. After the fresh migraine attack at lunch the Teams were not expecting much from the OFM and that is what they got. He kind of slithered around just whimpering a little now and then. The later afternoon ride to the harbor area turned into a wonderful camera event. We get to enjoy a few of the pictures with more to come soon.

Sierra parked near where the rock pier joins the breakwater at about a right angle. There is a little beach there that varies in size due to water action. It was at the largest we have seen it today so the OFM unlimbered the camera and we did a bit of beach combing. We even found a brand new unused fishing lure and gave it to friend Ed. We hope he catches lots of fish with it.

In the mean time the OFM crawled over the bulkhead, grabbed the pier handrail and let himself down onto the sand of the little beach. He was a bit wobbly from the migraine but the sand and vegetation would make for a soft landing if he fell. He is so fat he likely would just bounce a couple of times anyway.

Here is a picture of part of the little beach. The stream flowing across the beach is from the parking lot drains, but we can pretend it is from some exotic area out of sight.


The OFM decided to walk around on this beach doing some beachcombing. We doubt that he wanted to go to far just yet so we agreed to go along. 47 pictures later he finished meandering around on this little beach and went over to bother another section of the harbor. That comes in another evening report on another day.

Being the genius that he is, the OFM decided to take a short cut across the “wet firm” sand at the mouth of the stream from the exotic area. Naturally the sand was still quite well fluid and the OFM got to sample his “walking on water” technique. At least it was only one foot that practiced the art of quick stepping IN slushy water.


Well we guess it was fun because he nearly did it again later. Of course his excuse was that the migraine had left him not in his right mind. (does he have a RIGHT mind?) Oh Well, that short cut saved him at least ten feet of extra walking.

The good part was that we found a brand new fishing lure that we gave to our friend Ed from Missouri. Ed likes to try out lots of different lures like the OFM used to do. It was a bright pink plastic soft minnow lure that we are certain will catch a bright pink speckled trout for Ed.

A bit later the OFM spied some small purple flowers blooming in some of the taller growth nearer the pier. The flowers were the size of a nickel and extremely cute. The OFM risked life and limb to push his way over to the flower patch to get this picture. Actually the OFM was so unsteady in the strong wind he took about eight pictures just to get this one that is fairly nice.


After we got all the way down the beach to where the water crashes onto the beach (fifty feet of walking distance) the OFM was tired so he sat down on a rock and took pictures along the rock pier. He wanted a nice picture of the WAVE action today.One foot high waves do not make lots of ACTION so the picture was shot from close by and cropped to make the details seem more exciting.

 It still turned out to be a pretty good picture we think. In fact three of the four tonight seem to be pretty nice photographs.

We have to call this evening successful for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Great pics maybe one will become a painting.

  2. I think there's an old Texas law making it illegal to creep,lurk,or slither at any location and for any reason. in fact I heard a man was arrested recently at a Texas Whatabuger for lurking with intent to slither.

    just trying to help you stay out of jail.

  3. It's good that your slithering didn't cause you additional discomforts and helped you produce some commendable pictures. That also proves that even with a migraine you found a way to have tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I'm impressed that you are able to do such things while having a migraine.

    1. After the blindness goes away I can function again. The pain then does not stop me from doing things, just not enjoying them very much.

  5. The purple flower is a great shot the color is so bright, but of course the waves crashing against the rocks is the absolute beauty for me.

  6. Great pics, hope you feel better.
    the Ol'Buzzard