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Bright Morning, Rockport, Texas


Flags and Clouds

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM was rolling out of bed about 0630 with great plans for the day. Suddenly the sound of little hooves sounded on the roof. Whoa it was really the sound of big raindrops pummeling the skylight. There went those plans. It poured or rained or drizzled until about noon. The landlord says his rain gage registered four inches of precipitation.

Down by the harbor is a big field used for special events. Apparently something is happening soon because large tents and lots of flags are flying. Workers are scrambling around putting things in order. The Teams know where they WILL NOT be when the activities start up.

Just across the street the Cranky Crab From the Deep leaped onto some pilings near the water when some children got close. It was a close call but Mom got the children away just in time. That was not a happy crab.

Back at the community park with the walking trails we noticed the OFM life clock bush. It had a seed pod showing how the OFM was a couple of years ago. He was vibrant and exciting (Ed. that is only in his mind).

A few feet away there is a worn out old seed pod. It looks a whole lot like the OFM feels most of the days now. But as you can tell both of them are still holding on to whatever they can.

A small migraine this morning did set the Teams back a bit but you can be sure tomorrow we will be busy trying to have tooooo much fun.

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