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Bright Morning, Rockport, Texas


Exercise By Meandering

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Very active describes today. The morning got off to a slow start so we did not get to the walking paths until nearly 0915. The heat was strong already and the OFM was trying to figure out where to walk with the least misery. As we pulled into the community park he noticed that none of the normal loops were without some major stretches of sun drenched hot asphalt trail. Then his “brilliant” brain came up with the idea of not walking a “trail loop” but rather just going back and forth on a stretch of shaded trail loop. Now that seemed like a good idea to the rest of the Teams.
From the parking area we set off on the main loop headed through the trees.

The layout of the loops were familiar to us but which parts had shade at this time of the morning was not. So it was a by the seat of our pants walk. It actually worked out very well. We even got to meet two new pups and their parents.
When we got over near the ponds the path split and we stopped for a minute to consider which way to go. You can see in this next picture all the folks out in the long stretch of bright blistering sun.

 We chose to go to the left from the picture taking spot. It was shaded for a nice distance and the OFM took a right turn to what he remembered as a shaded trail section.
OOPS things had changed and a lot of tree trimming had been done and we hit bright sun very soon. So we stopped, turned around and headed down another part of a loop which turned out to be a great decision cause that is where we met the two neat pooches. From there we were able to loop around in the shade and catch another short side trip. On this side trip we found a neat tree event to report in a later blog.
Then it was turn around time and head back to the recently customized Sierra. It was getting hot even in the shade. We do not walk for distance since the OFM has days he can walk briskly and days he only hobbles along. We aim for an hour of whatever kind of walking he can do that day.
We feel that an earlier start will give even more trails to walk since the sun will be lower. We got enough pictures of neat things that the OFM is raring to go back again right now.
Not that they are any good, the OFM even painted two pictures he has been laying out for a few days.  Then a short rain hit the area and dropped the temps down to the very low 80's with a gentle breeze. Man o man it has been an interesting day. The OFM has chores tonight to edit some of the many pictures taken so he can use them in a later blog. It is great when the trying to have tooooo much fun goes on into the night.  

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