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Bright Morning, Rockport, Texas


3 Trout

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Remember the multi paths we took for walking. On one of the paths is an artistic tree. One of the limbs was cut off a long time ago. The stump area has weathered quite a bit but we never did pay much attention to it. Granny J would have a fit about the Teams not paying enough attention since she was the universe’s master at attention to details. We miss her. Here is the tree and the path.

It is a nice tree and furnishes very good shade to the walkers along the path. We guess that most all the walkers do not realize the work of art they are passing as they mosey along the path. The limb stump has weathered to give us a “growing” of a duck. Do you see the duck?

We are very ashamed it took so long for a Team member to notice the duck. Of course if you move very much to the left or right the duck disappears. We consider it a wonderful find.
Before heading down to the local Tex-Mex for lunch we stopped at the breakwater near the Aquarium to fish a little.The result was three nice speckled trout in twenty minutes. Those fat little girls went right back in to grow up some more. That was fun!
After lunch the crash adjuster called and we had a productive conversation. The result was that he gave the OFM a list of photographs to take of Sierra and email him. They are in Ohio and will be doing the repair estimate from up there and handle billing etc so the OFM should not have  to put out any money. The adjuster could not definitively say the Teams insurance rate would not go up but he also said that this in not an accident that is usually held against the policy holder.
We are hoping the OFM can settle down to a good nights sleep tonight so tomorrow we can get busy trying to have tooooo much fun again.

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