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Rockport, Texas


Towing Safety

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM noticed during the last time on the road that Sierra was being pushed to its limits by Comfort Castle when towed with a simple ball mount like we used with the previous truck. It was looked into carefully and a weight distributing hitch was ordered to make a much better balanced rig. Running equipment right at the upper limit is not the Teams style.

The new hitch arrived today as the rain came down gently. So the OFM ripped the instructions from the box, took a quick picture and headed into the Castle to get educated again about installing this type of hitch.


The OFM was surprised that he recalled nearly all the details of the assembly and tuning of the hitch. However it is not a bad thing to refresh your memory after 9 years of not doing something. So he did.

After lunch the OFM and friend Ed went to work on putting the hitch together and adjusted just right. The box of hitch weighed 83 pounds according to the shipping label. The OFM grabbed it and chunked it onto the picnic table and went to work. At first there are lots of guesses to make to get started. Usually after the hitch is assembled somewhat and the vehicle and trailer measured some, other changes (tuning) has to be made. The big difference is that the OFM has done this with the Castle for a very similar truck before so the first guess should be pretty close to the final need.

This next picture is of the hitch head mounted into the receiver socket just before we found out the OFM did not have the right size wrench to tighten it completely.

The OFM decided to knock off work, rest a bit and then go to Lowes to get the right tool for the job. A couple of neighbors offered the tool. However the OFM wants a tool that necessary to travel with the Teams. He also wants the tool to have proven it is the right one for the job before we travel with it.

The 1 1/16“ combination wrench set us back about $25 but is a necessity for peach of mind for the Teams.

Tomorrow we plan to finish the head assembly, mount the spring bar clamps, install the spring bars and tune the rig for travel. It will be nice to have better piece of mind while we are meandering the country trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Hi, Barney. I was gonna tease you about your "peach of mind". The. I saw you changed it to "piece of mind"! Gave me a laugh. Good idea to have a good hitch when you are going down the road. Have fun.

  2. Peace of mind is priceless and fun too!

  3. I'll be interested to hear how differently it tows with the new hitch.

  4. Peach of mind necessary when towing a trailer. Good job.

  5. Peace of mind and correctly fitting (tested) tools go together.