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Flowers, Rockport, Texas


Submarine Race

Adventure Location: Rockport Beach Park, Texas

The OFM wanted to do a bit of fishing and the day was pretty beautiful so the Teams headed to the wooden pier at the Rockport Beach Park. The fishing there has been decent for the last few mornings and it was today. The catching was not great but there were regular hookups at ten minute intervals. Nothing was a great catch but the fish were mostly skipjacks and very active. Most of them were in the 18 inch range so the fun was good.

About every 45 minutes the dadgum dolphin would make a patrol through the area and cause the other fish to go hide for a few minutes.

Our big excitement for the morning was when a small skipjack got hooked and we were reeling it in pretty fast. About 15 feet from the pier a fast moving submarine (dolphin) surfaced a few feet behind the hooked skipjack and the race was on.

The OFM was creating a hurricane force wind from reeling the fish in so fast but the submarine was gaining quickly. The OFM gave a hard jerk on the line and the fish fell free into the water and the submarine gave chase to the fish as it dove out of sight. The OFM gave a huge sigh of relief. He definitely did not want to have a hook with his fishing line stuck in the mouth of the submarine. Those critters are huge, strong and fast. They can strip the $20 of fishing line from your reel in less than 2 seconds and leave you with smoking reel bearings.

Just after dark tonight we had a very nasty storm pass through. It immediately killed the electricity for the area so this is being written in “boondocking” mode. There have been several times when we were in “full hookups’ sites that having all the boon docking abilities has come in very handy. It is 2130 right now on Tuesday night. This will publish when the Wifi comes on again. In the meantime the OFM is planning his tomorrow to enhance his chances of having tooooo much fun after the storm.


  1. I'd like to complement you on your turtle header shot, that's a great picture!
    Good story about how to lose fishing line too!

  2. When hooked on a fish that would have cause other problems for the dolphin as they tend to swallow their food whole.
    Glad you still have Boondocking means of having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. How much fun it would be to have a student like you in a writing class! Your comparison of the dolphin to a submarine. And I love best the line---- " They can strip the $20--------and leave you with smoking reel bearings"! Delightful. And, I, too, love your heading picture. You help us have fun. Thanks.

  4. Always being prepared for boondocking mode also come in handy when a park's water line breaks. Been there; done that.

  5. Dolphin watching has to be too much fun. Enjoy.