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Flowers, Rockport, Texas


Simple Minded Fun

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM was not feeling well this morning and later he determined a migraine had hit him while he was sleeping but the headache was well in progress. He declared it a day of lazy activities, especially since it was arrival day for the Memorial Day hordes.

The chosen activity was to meander around the area grabbing pictures for art references. The OFM has a wild imagination but no memory so he has to have a picture to view when painting a critter or other object normally. So we burned millions of electrons with this quest today.

What were we taking pictures of you might ask.

We have chosen four of the pictures to talk about tonight.

The first is labeled Bird Critters.

As we drove past a puddle in the Beach Park we noticed a pile of birds in various poses. That will be good for reference on birds for a painting that is planned. Due to the amazing ability of computers the OFM will be able to isolate a chosen bird to use for the reference.


The next one happened as he meandered the beach and nearby pier. Right in the corner of the beach and pier is a bunch of growing grasses with rocks scattered in the area. This will make a good reference for grasses and rocks we feel.


Back along the beach area we notice some nicely formed waves. The OFM has a miserable time of painting waves so we pulled over for him to gather some reference pictures. We got some other critters and beach stuff caught in the picture also. This is good to get several references in one picture.


We stopped at the boat ramp to rest a minute or five and while we were sitting there the OFM decided to take a few pictures of the ramp and dock area. Here is one of them and what he will do with it is beyond the rest of the Teams imagination, but like we said at the first he was a WILD imagination.


There you have a bit of a snapshot (pun intended) of one of the ways a simple minded fool like the OFM can go about trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Sounds like a great way of having too much fun. Now, when you finish a painting, you can post it along with the picture that inspired it.

  2. Looks like too much fun to me.

  3. Having Migraine headaches are not good ways of enjoying yourself but the other pictures that you presented show that you found a way of having Tooooo much fun.
    Really like the header picture you've had for the last few days.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.