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Flowers, Rockport, Texas


Bird Convention

Adventure Location: Packery Channel, Texas

The OFM wanted to do a bit of fishing and the day was pretty beautiful so the Teams headed to Packery Channel Overlook for some fun. The camera was taken just in case we wanted some pictures. As Sierra took us into the parking area we noticed the hordes of pelicans, seagulls and terns that were occupying about a half mile of the channel. There were hundreds of them. Something was in the water that all the birds thought was good eating. We walked along the walkway to see what might be in the fast moving tidal exchange going through the pass. We never found out what it was but here is a small part of the massive bird congestion.


We chose not to try to fish in that mess. Getting a bird tangled in your fishing line is never pleasant and frequently injures the bird. Nope the Teams would just meander around looking for lost pictures we needed to take home with us.

Well goodness gracious there is a lost picture right there.


This was some sort of plant part that had been mutilated to look like a spear head. It was lying loose on some debris and the OFM was not about to hop over the rocks to pick it up. Therefore all we get is a picture. The “spear head” was about 7 inches long and 5 inches wide. Maybe some reader will recognize it and give us an identity.

The vines were showing a lot of flowers on this day. We had bright yellow, brilliant white and this purple flower. All of them were nice to see but this was the only one not flapping in the wind. It sat still for one picture and then got busy flapping in the breeze.


There was a good number of sea turtles feeding in the area along the rocks lining the channel. They were quick little devils on this day. The sluggish OFM used thousands of electrons up to finally get this head shot. Usually the turtles will piddle around on the surface for a few seconds when they come up for air. But on this day it was a quick grab air and head on back under every time. Maybe they were afraid of all the pelicans?


There was a lot of seaweed being washed into the bays through this channel. It piled up on the rocks and would have clogged up your fishing line with pounds of troubles. We have never tried eating this sea weed but some other we tried years ago was quite acceptable.


It was on the way back from this adventure that the ferry boat got stuck from overloading. It was all part of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Your mystery spearhead is a palm frond that's rotted away all its leaves. Used to see them all the time in Merritt Island when I lived down there. That's the Cape Canaveral/Cocoa Beach area in central Florida.

    Great turtle picture!

    1. Thanks Wade. I appreciate the identification.

  2. Whatever those birds were after, you were wise to let 'em be! You took some great photos, including the turtle!

  3. More wonderful photos of the area, thanks for sharing.

  4. Great picture of the Sea Turtle. Turtles have always been one of my favorite critters.