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Wild Rose Pass, Texas


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Adventure Location: Stillwell Store, Texas

When we got here the OFM almost did not recognize the place. The new owner and employees have really made a major difference in the appearance and general upkeep of the entire operation. It is now a place I can freely recommend without worry about how nasty or messy it might be. It is not fancy but it is generally orderly and clean. Still more catch up is needed but it had years of neglect to rectify. Check their website for all the extra details.

Even the inside of the store is much better. Now there are “get by” food products on the shelves in sufficient quantity to be reasonable. The Teams were really impressed. Here is the inside. Once again very plain but clean and organized.

The laundry has been cleaned up and organized. The first day we were here a washing machine was sitting on the front porch of the laundry building. The next day it was gone and a new machine was in its place inside working. There is even a small lending library in the laundry room.

The Teams even looked into the mens facilities. The showers and toilets were clean and ready for use. The rooms had obviously been cleaned recently. Again not fancy but very serviceable and clean.

This makes Stillwell Store an excellent campground in general at its fantastic location 8 miles from the Persimmon Gap Entrance to Big Bend NP. And Bibe is a perfect place for trying to have tooooo much fun everyday.


  1. I like the old look of the place but how nice and clean it is. The porch looks like a great place to sit for awhile and have coffee or a cold drink

  2. Nice place to stay and have too much fun, that is, until it gets too hot.

  3. Looks like nice clean place to hang you hat for a bit, while exploring.