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Wild Rose Pass, Texas


We Are Back.

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas


Summer with its warm temperatures has arrived in the desert of West Texas and it is still officially winter! But the flowers are telling us it is spring. So what season is it? How about just relax and enjoy the flowers.

The wonderful fragrance of Texas Sage is flowing across the land with exceptional sensory delight. The shrubs are not at full force yet but they are definitely making a show.

These are small flowers about the size of a quarter but with fragrance like a bowling ball.

A couple of other flowers that are making a show are worth looking at also. This quarter sized orange/yellow one is very vibrant in the sunlight even though it is not so brilliant in the photograph.

To add to the fun of spotting the flowers, some of them are so small a magnifying glass would be a good addition to your searching tools. Notice the OFM fingernail in this picture. We only spotted the flowers because they are so powerfully fragrant. In other words the OFM followed his nose into the brush.

Our delightful neighbors of two weeks left for Bibe this morning. Sierra reminded us that it needed new slip and slide lotion in its engine. So it was off to Walmart for a service call. We watched them very carefully and are happy to announce that the two techs did an extremely good job of taking care of Sierra. We were exceptionally please with the service.

Having a well performing vehicle is critical when you are miles from everything trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. That's a great header picture!

    Winter was over when Feb ended in my book. I was stationed in Chicago & got into watching WGN, channel 9's weatherman, Tom Skilling. He talked about meteorological seasons & that made a lot of sense to me.

    "Meteorological winter is a three month period that runs from Dec 1st to the end of February. It is the coldest three month period of the year in the northern hemisphere".

    Enjoy the Spring!

  2. Looks beautiful, sit back and enjoy it.

  3. Does that mean you bought a new computer?

    1. Nope. Got to recover from buying Sierra first.