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Wild Rose Pass, Texas


Too Many Choices To Make

Adventure Location: Lake Amistad, Texas

Here we are early Wednesday morning planning things. We have been here at Lake Amistad for over a month and it is time to get rolling. Wednesday will be dedicated to getting the Teams all ready to roll Thursday morning. We have a few routes plotted for after the starting direction. Mostly we need to get busy chasing the warmer weather line that is moving north now.

The initial direction is take a right turn on Highway 90 toward El Paso. Then as we progress west we have to make a new choice now and then. Somewhere around the Pecos River we have to choose to stop for the night or not.

Then at Sanderson Texas we have to choose to turn right to sort of follow the Pecos river northward. Or continue straight for a few miles more.

Then at Marathon Texas we have to choose whether to turn left toward Bibe/Stillwell Ranch or go on straight for a few more miles.

The next bit of interference with calmness comes in Alpine Texas. There we have to choose to turn right and head up into the Davis Mountains and towards Carlsbad New Mexico. Or continue straight toward the Marfa Lights Viewing Area and a good nights free camping.

The next morning we have three things to choose from. Good grief this is a lot of thinking for an OFM isn’t it. Any way the choices are head north into the Davis mountains, turn south toward Presidio and more Texas desert and guaranteed adventures or head on toward El Paso. Once the Teams would enter New Mexico at El Paso even more choices will have to be made!

The OFM says he is too old for this much responsibility of choosing so many things in only 250 miles. All he wants to do is try to have tooooo much fun.



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