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Wild Rose Pass, Texas


The Restaurant

Adventure Location: Big Bend NP, Texas

There is one very special restaurant in the world to the OFM. His first meal in the restaurant was in May of 1979. Since then he makes a point to have a meal there every time he comes to Big Bend National Park (Bibe).

It is the only restaurant in the park and is located up in the caldera known as The Chisos Basin. The restaurant is usually very good food with excellent service. The prices are high but not too high for a place over a hundred miles from everything. A really excellent taco lunch with a Root Beer cost the OFM $15 with a tip.

The view is not too bad. That notch you are looking at is named The Window. There is a developed trail all the way to it so you can get your jollies trying to fall “out of the window”. The OFM kept putting going there off for the “next time”. The next time never got there until his legs will not allow the trip to happen safely. DO IT NOW. DO NOT WAIT!

When you have had a wonderful meal then head on down to the trailheads. Try the ADA trail. It is paved and really a nice easy wheelchair friendly walk. Plus the views from it are wonderful.

In this next picture we have labeled the restaurant to let you oogle at the small bit of rock right behind the restaurant named Casa Grande.

Some folks have actually hiked to the top of it, but not the OFM Teams. Climbing a small hill like that is way beyond our idea of a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. You are so right do it now, do not wait!

  2. Hi Barney,

    I took a very similar picture from the restaurant when Donna and I were there in December 2012. You can view it at http://ramblin-gamblin.blogspot.com/2012_12_01_archive.html. Are you staying in the park? Which campground?

    Have fun. I know you will.


    1. staying at Stillwell. Too hot to be without AC. Glad you folks are still kicking around. Have some fun for me.

  3. Glad we did the Window hike. You just never know if there will be a next time.