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Wild Rose Pass, Texas


Highway 90 Decisions

Adventure Location: Hwy 90, Texas

The OFM finally got us out on the highway about 0900. Then we had to stop at the dump station and unload a couple of weeks of residue. Then a circle around to the fresh water station to take on a little water.

The road beckoned and we went on in great anticipation to our next place to choose a direction of travel. A couple of hours later we arrived at the destination for choosing and pulled into a rest area for lunch and thought. The lunch was simple but the choice was not.

Back on the road the OFM just had to take this picture while driving. That is highway 90 stretching out in front of us.

We hit another junction and had another decision on direction to make. The decision was made and we headed onward. Here is a picture of the road a little ways before the OFM made the last choice of the day.

The Teams were not used to all this hard traveling after two months sitting around at Lake Amistad getting soft and fatter. The Castle was ready for some rest and the rest of the Teams were a bit worn also. The campground was a wonderful choice for the night.

The OFM meandered around a good bit and ended up sun burned and wind burned with sand blasted eyes to make things more fun. However it is looking like a great location for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Get out your sunscreen and mosquito repellant before having tooo much fun!

  2. That is one crowded campsite!! Do try not to get sunburned. I envy your getting to have those decisions to make!

  3. That looks like a nice quiet campground.

  4. Do they charge to use the dump station?