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Wild Rose Pass, Texas


Better Than Before

Adventure Location: Lake Amistad, Texas

It was a beautiful day and the OFM was drooling all over himself thinking of the large chopped brisket sandwich of a few days ago. Naturally the Teams did not attempt to deter him in his desire to repeat that lunch again. So it was off to the little red trailer where those wonderful sandwiches come to life.

Now the cooks there so protect their recipe and product with a sincere effort. Just check out the cowboy gun they keep near in case of trouble.

After some nice conversation it was grab the sandwich and run for the picnic table near Diablo East for lunch. We thought we were going to have to tie the OFM up to give us time for the pictures. But he relented for about 6 seconds then picture time was over. Maybe this sandwich was even better than the previous one.


Since the flowers are getting busy with the blooming job we know the scenery and fragrances were excellent.

It certainly did not take long for that huge sandwich to disappear. Thank goodness no critters tried to get a bite of the sandwich. Getting between the OFM’s teeth and that sandwich would not have been a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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